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About me

As a child I had a natural intuitive ability to communicate with animals. I was blessed to grow up on a farm with countless opportunities to connect with nature and always surrounded by the love of dogs, cats, goats, horses, trees and birds who were endlessly present and loving towards me when the humans in my life were taken up by “busy-ness”.

Over time I too became disconnected from that way of being, and though I never stopped loving animals or wanting to be around them, what was once a very clear understanding of their feelings and thoughts was overridden by mainstream human thinking. 

Studying Biodynamic Agriculture gave me a deep awareness of the need to heal and repair the land. Our striving for success and the need for “more” has wreaked havoc in nature. Viktor Schauberger teaches that every single thing we do has an impact on something in nature, and Eckhart Tolle confirms that our mindfulness and commitment to consciousness is now more than ever of upmost importance.

My own inner work to develop and to grow has brought more presence, mindfulness, peace and stillness into my being. I’m profoundly grateful to Winnie Durdant Hollamby for mentoring me through the work required to create more space around those wounds and traumas that can keep us stuck and low. That work is hard!  For me, as with everyone, it is an ongoing journey; a personal pact with the universe. Meditating in nature, getting out in the woods has become a daily practice. 

My first lesson in animal communication was a workshop with the outstanding South African communicators Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne.  This training helped to deepen my stillness practice and to settle into my heart space, where messages can be sent and received.

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My first communication was at that workshop with a Baboon called Eric. Eric reanacted a scene from an Abbott and Costello movie with a cigar which made me laugh, but then went on to describe the plight of the baboon species, and how much the human race could learn from them. His message was intelligent, involved and serious. When many fellow students in the workshop also described his playful personality and then spoke of receiving the same grave and important message as I had heard from Eric, my mind was blown. Not only that I could actually do this, but that we humans had so much to learn from the animals. 

I joined Wynter Worsthorne’s Animaltalk Academy, honing and practicing the finer details of interspecies communication. I experienced so many animals willing to talk, to help me to learn, to give so many amazing messages and always delivered with such love. I continue to work with Wynter as part of a group, the Heart Pride.  We support the Global White Lion Protection Trust, by connecting with the White Lions, helping find best ways to allow their freedom in their endemic habitat in the heartlands of South Africa. 

Throughout my journey Elsa my dog (now a senior lady!) and Howie my cat have been by my side; my team, mentoring me, loving me, helping me to learn. Their input and enthusiasm for what I do is a blessing and their messages guide me to go more gently, to breathe, and to maintain the state of peace that enables me to do my work better.

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