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What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is an empathic, telepathic connection made through a state of deep stillness. Every thought, feeling and intention we have is a form of energy with its own frequency. By getting “in tune” with those energies, we are able to connect with and understand each other, regardless of species. In this heartfelt connection (the energy of unconditional love) it is possible to exchange words, images, smells, sensations and feelings with every species.

This way of connecting is an ancient tool. Indigenous people have always connected with nature in this way . This was the original way of the world when human beings were just another species trying to fit in to the circle of life. It is the natural way that all animals and even plants communicate, in order to coexist. Animals love us unconditionally and their purer perspective can act as a mirror for us, giving us a way to work on our shadow selves which in turn helps us to heal and gain a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here. At other times our animals simply need some help from us when they are (like us!) just trying to get through their day. Through communicating with your animal, I can help to pinpoint any stressful situations, and help and guide you to develop this kind of connection with your animals too. 

How I work, once I’ve received your information and a clear photograph of your animal, I will contact you with a list of first impressions. If these resonate with you and you are happy to carry on, I will then move on to the main reading in which I deepen the connection to include any questions or issues you have asked to investigate. The main reading can be emailed to you or we can arrange a phone call for me to relay it to you.  (If you do not resonate with the first list of impressions and do not wish to carry on, there would be no charge.)

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