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"Jessica has an amazing ability to communicate remotely with animals.  She has been such a huge help when I have been worried about certain issues with my horses and also in clarifying messages from me to my horses.  I would highly recommend Jessica if you wish to learn more about what the animals in your life are thinking and feeling"
K Ayling, Sussex

"I was astounded at Jess's accurate insights into our elderly and fragile dog - and the messages she passed to us from him have helped immeasurably in enabling us to make him more happy, healthy and confortable.  We were so moved by what he had to say to us. I can't recommend Jess highly enough."
WH Life Coach

"After a scary encounter with our young, very angry, jersey bull I contacted Jess with a plea for help.  Through Jess's invaluable communication with our bull, we are making huge progress in finding a space of comfort to work with this beautiful animal.
The insight Jess has provided me with brought about a huge shift in the way I work with and understand our bull as he settles into his place within our herd and farm organism.  The work that Jess is doing for us and our animals is irreplaceable and I could not recommend her enough."

K Sukin, Berkshire

Working with Jess has been - and continues to be - an essential part of getting to know [Athena,] my daughter's pony. Even expressing some of my fears & difficulties in writing was a very cathartic process! It has helped me to get clearer about which feelings and anxieties belong with me, and what is more to do with Athena and her past experiences. The result is that I can be more available for both my daughter and her pony, and better able to support their growing relationship in an appropriate and healthy way.


And Gracie (Lucy's daughter) says....


Thank you Jess for communicating with Athena and giving us all this information. I now feel a lot closer than I ever was to Athena. I don't think Athena's journey of biting is over quite yet, but it has definitely helped a lot, doing the communication and being able to discover everything, and know a bit more why she bites. I'm sure Athena would say thank you, too - for helping her to say things that she otherwise couldn't say.



Lucy Jameson
IoPT Practitioner

When I was faced with making some difficult decisions about the horse in my life Jess' communications helped he and I navigate a path forwards and into a new way of being for us both. Jess' gentle and respectful way of communicating was of immense help to us both and we are both very grateful for the communications.  Rebecca 

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